Buenos Aires to Soothe a Sleepless Soul.

Unable to sleep. It’s my own fault. I was exhausted at 7, took a nap but then woke up again. Should of stayed in bed, now I am wide awake. Insomnia reminds me of my semester away in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is a city that lives at night and I had gotten into the habit of staying up till the break of dawn, unable to sleep most of the time, staring down from my balcony at the city below. Check out the cool mix of architecture that can be found in the city. You can tell when walking in the streets that it truly was on its way to becoming a great “European” city at the turn of the century. It is a shame that it was plagued by corruption, political strife, and economic woes.

Speaking of music, here you have an excerpt of Tango legend Carlos Guardel. I lived in San Telmo and the streets closed every Sunday for the famous antique fair. There was this nice old man who sang for change every week and he sounded just like Guardel. I stopped and listened to him every time I passed by. He always sang the same songs, but gave me a wink and a smile so I stayed for a while.

!My Buenos Aires Querido!


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One response to “Buenos Aires to Soothe a Sleepless Soul.

  1. buenos aires rocks 😀
    i´m glad you liked it.
    we will arise once again 🙂

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