My (his)story

Hello World,

If you have made this far, you deserve to know a little about me. (psst..this is me below)

Beautiful day in the park Mont-Royal......

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melanie Gallant. You can probably guess where the blog name came from. I am a twenty-seven year old Acadian who has been calling Montreal home since 1999, when I moved here from Moncton, New Brunswick.

To learn a bit more about Acadians read my:

brief, albeit different, mini-history on Acadians.

Trust me, I have a knack for fitting 400 years of history in one blog page.

I first came to this great city because of work, but soon ended up dividing my time between my job at Xerox Canada and night school at McGill University. Five years later I left work to dedicate myself to my studies, going as far as Buenos Aires for a student exchange semester.

Argentina was my last stop in South America, a continent that I have visited on three different occasions. My first Latin American experience was in Venezuela, followed by a second trip to Peru where I studied Spanish in Cusco and ate Piranhas in the Northern Amazon. While in Buenos Aires I was lucky enough to visit most of Patagonia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Needless to say I acquired Spanish as a third language along the way.

In my free time I enjoy salsa dancing, reading very long books, and movies (although I am biased against stupid Hollywood comedies that make me feel awkward because I am the only one not laughing).

I most recently became a DIP (no, I don’t have low self-esteem, it stands for Diploma Student) at the Concordia University in the Communications Department. This blog is just one of the results. So far I am finding it interesting, challenging, and rewarding. Most of all, my fellow students are awesome. They are all bright, talented, interesting, caring, and all around great people. Each one brings something different to the program and I truly feel that we have formed a tight knit group.

So what is this blog all about? Since it is space to learn and extend myself in the blogosphere, the answer could very well change from one day to the next. So please stick around, you never know what to expect.


3 responses to “My (his)story

  1. Dear Melanie,
    Thanks for filling out the form above. I had a good time exploring YOUR siliclone.
    My South American experience is limited to one trip to a conference in Argentina, stopped in Peru on the way down and in Brazil on the way back. Your project on grafitti as resistance in South America and as commerce in North America is fascinating. A delightful Dip from last year wrote a paper on grafitti in Montreal with lavish illustrations (many of which have since been lost). You might want to get in touch – 514 843 9313
    Central America may be some sort of compromise between North and South. Barclay Ferguson, an artist friend of mine, studied with Diego when grafitti was redefined as murals and were perfectly respectable.
    My experience in Acadian culture is also limited – a brief chat with Antonine Maillet at Blue Met in Montreal. Thanks for filling in a huge gap in my education. Internet is seen as contributing to the homogenizing effect of globalization. However, you make a good case for its use in helping differentiate a distinct community.
    Perhaps I spent too much time on the Toronto School of Media Studies and too little (actually no) time on the Frankfurt School. Glad you discovered it on your own (or were pointed towards them by one of my colleagues).
    Delighted that you seized the opportunity to extend yourself – sounds like you are benefiting very much from the program and a fabulous group of fellow Dips. Have a great Xmas break.
    Sincerely, Scot

  2. Hola Melanie,

    I found your blog through a search and ended up browsing around. I run and I liked your photos of graffiti and your idea for a project. I’d love to feature some of your photos if you’re interested.

    Plus, I’m also a salsa dancer, so I wanted to say hi 🙂

  3. mgalla

    Hola Cesar,

    You sent me a message regarding graffiti photos of Buenos Aires on my blog.

    Sorry for the lat response, I was in Mexico in Guatemala for over a month.

    Please send me an email to my gmail and we can discuss collaborating on something.

    It is awesome that you dance salsa. It is one of my passions. I did get the chance to experiment with Tango in Bs As while I was there.

    In fact, I would be interested in writing something for your blog…. I dabble in photography as well and have some great pics of Bs As and Argentina in general.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Melanie Gallant

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