Making Media that Matters

Community media is essential to greater media democracy in today’s environment of increasing media concentration in the hands of larger organizations. This implies that the producing and distributing of media can exist and function outside of the mainstream.

For the past six months I have had the opportunity to not only observe but also participate in the making and distribution of community media, having become a member of the executive team of Canada’s oldest student-run television station, CUTV. I have developed many skills thanks to CUTV, such as media production, public relations, and teamwork skills. The most important thing for me however, is the chance to witness the true importance and impact of community media. I believe, as CUTV does, that everyone can be given a voice through skill sharing and free access to media making tools.

Check out CUTV and support it’s mission to bring Montreal alternative news and community media at http://www.cutv.concordia.

Alternatively, who said there was anything wrong with a little self-promotion?
Here are some of the projects I was lucky enough to collaborate on with other newsies from the CUTV crew.

Interview with Iris Perez, artist from the Dominican Republic:

Interview with Briga:

Interview with DIRA library:

Interview at the Café Culturel Volver:

Interview with Camille Clauchon, Action Jardinière:

Interview with SOS Velo:

CUTV can be found on You Tube at and

Check it out to see, or to start making, media that matters.


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