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Experiences in movie and sound documentary production.

The following are some short films that my partners in crime, Teena Apeles and Kondwani Mase, and I, produced for our Film and Video class.

Remember Me, is a different kind of boy-does-not meet-girl, wants-to-meet-girl, then almost runs-girl-over-with-his-car story. Keep in mind that this was our first time behind the camera, as well as the acting debut of Laurence and Sarah.

The following is an Entertainment show spoof. A special edition of “Where It’s At”, featuring interviews with the director, writers, and stars of “Attack of the Hipsters”.

And last but not least, a look at Snow removal and Montreal that poses the question “Where does all the snow go?” and “Do people care?”. Plowed Away was produced together with two of the most intelligent, and dare I say strikingly beautiful ex-pat ladies in Montreal, Sarah McNeil and Teena Apeles.


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