My stories…

Since September, I have been taking a dip in the deep end at Concordia University, learning to swim the media waves. The diploma program in communications studies has allowed me, thus far, had made me realize to what extent we really are swimming in media. Everyone has a message and if we are to believe Marshall McLuhan, the medium is not just as important as the message, it is the message.

Assembled on this page is a collection of articles, reflections and essays pertaining to media. Some are more serious or lengthy than others, but each one has allowed me to view media an communications from a more critical perspective. In essence, as the first semester of my graduate studies comes to a close, I have learned to stop and think, not only about “what” is being said, heard, or seen, but also “how” information is being transmitted.

This site is evidently in construction and will evolve over time. As I explained in my (his) story, I am boldly going where I have never gone before and using media as an extension of myself. I have separated my work, both scholarly and just for fun, into the following categories, just click on the one that interests you.

War and Media:
Blood and Beckham
Reflections and Readings on War and Media
Politics of Fear

Graffiti and Street Art:
Buenos Aires
Research Plan

Articles and Reviews Related to Media:
Reviews I have written, from books to video; includes Citizen Kane, Reading Lotlita in Teheran and 1984.

Pop Culture:
Taste Formations and the Highs and Lows of Culture

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned. This is only the beginning!!!

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